Agus de Fincas la Redonda

To produce a truly outstanding and distinct olive oil the following requirements are necessary:

  • Our own olive trees
  • Our own modern olive oil mill
  • Rapid harvesting and milling of the olives
  • Extraction in cold temperatures
  • Ideal conservations conditions: Nitrogen tanks, temperature, etc…

Detailed requeriments


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This aside, What is the secret of Agus?. Basically we can summarise it in bringing forward by 2 months the harvesting and elaboration of the olive oil normally done in December, for Agus it is done In October. Because of this we are able to produce a greener, fruitier, fuller bodied, more intense and more aromatic olive oil distinct from any other variety of Arbequina.

This presents us a dilemma. What dilemma?, Quantity vs Quality. If the olives are harvested at the beginning of October (Production aprox. 12%) and not in December (production aprox. 20%) we would achieve bigger production.

But our choice is clear, we prefer a lower production and this way we obtain an olive oil, unique and distinct to any other conventional olive oil on the market. That is why maximum quality is our first choice.