Agus de Fincas la Redonda

What does it mean to be a member of Club Agus?

This means that Agus has the commitment of reserving a minimum quality of 54 Litres and a maximum of 200 Litres per member per person. At the beginning of October, period of harvesting and milling of the olive, the company contacts you to take your order for the quantity you may want for the whole year.

Agus has a limited production , therefore the offer is limited and exclusive. Currently 70% of our members are private clients. The remainder are Restaurants and Specialised Gourmet Establishments.

Agus aims for people who understand appreciate and know oil, rather than people who merely have a elevating buying power.

“Not all our clients have elevated buying power”

People admitted to the Club will receive personalised customer service and also they will receive up-to-date information, in addition to an invitation to see our production process at the beginning of October. At the end of the year, new members will be admitted to cover the places of members who might have not renewed their membership.

The delivery will be carried out through a courier company on the date chosen by the client in orders of no less than a box.

If you are not familiar with our oil, or you are still not a member, we encourage you to purchase our oil in specialised establishments in your city, or you can contact us for details on where to buy it.

Our email address is and our customer service member is (34)976-238182 (Gonzalo).